Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adoptees and Birth Parents searching NY

Adoptees Searching:

Female adoptees searching:
Fe. 08/04/1943 Albany, NY
Fe. 02/12/1947 Buffalo, NY
Fe. 07/08/1948 Rochester, NY

M. 01/20/52 Norwich, NY

M. 12/07/1955 Manhattan, NY

Fe. 10/01/1956 Binghamton, NY

Fe. 10/04/1957 Syracuse, NY
Fe. 02/21/1958 Albany, NY

Fe. 07/09/1958 NYC area

fe. 02/05/1961 Manhattan, NY
M. 01/17/1972 Syracuse, NY

Fe. 08/29/1973 Manhattan, NY

Fe.08/15/1977 Fulton, NY

Birthmom's Searching for the following dates:

M. 08/20/1975 Cortland, NY
fe. 02/01/1943 Bronx, NY

Fe.02/15/1943 Westchester, NY

? 03/20/1943 Hornell, NY

Fe. 05/18/1943 Albany, NY

Fe. 05/28/1943 Lockport, Ny

Fe. 08/10/1943 Brownville, NY
Fe.07/17/1954 Tonowanda, NY
Fe. 09/02/1956 Binghamton, Ny
fe.09/23/1961 Port jefferson,NY

People from all over the state are looking.

We have people with birthdays clear up to 1991.
So come join us.

If you want to know if someone is searching for you come towww.nyadoptees.com

and learn how to sign up with NY State Registry, and siblings can sign up too. There is a place that other family members and relatives can sign up to be reunited too.

A Birthparent can update Important medical information with the State.




  1. Adoptee: Female Madden 8/22/1947 Bronx NY
    searching for any Birth Family. Contact
    e-mail: brooklyn822@gmail.com
  2. Birth mother searching: M 1/25/68 Ithaca, NY


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gittleman aka Gettleman; aka Gitelman of Mamou La. Adoptions


A. Bruce Rozas, Manuel, and McGee .. Location Mamou, Louisiana and Savoy Hospital. If anyone has those names assocatied with their case, contact me,

The pregnant woman were brought in from all over the country by responding to ads in the newspaper. 

There has been a movie done on this whole Gitelman adoptions. 

The Adoptive parents were also responding to ads in Jewish newspapers in Pa. NJ; NY; Ga; Mo. Indiana, and could be more states involved.

Come to the above fb site let us know if you have information on these cases. 

This took place during the 1980's and up to so far 1994. 


also read this, thanks, Share on twitter and fb.

Reminder registry.adoption .com is back up and running

Hi, this is a reminder that www.registry.adoption.com is up and running again. So remind people to check it, and update it, and enter their information on it.


Joan of nyadoptees and theregisry; AdoptionDNA ;

Adoptee 02/12/1968 Cold Spring, NY /Butterfield Hosp.


Sibling iso: Siblings 11/08/1972 Poughkeepsie, NY


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