Monday, July 25, 2011

female 03/08/1985 New Hartford, NY

A new member is born on 03/08/1985 New Hartford,Ny is searching for her information.
If this birthday means anything to you, please contact NY State Registry, and

Friday, February 11, 2011

Adoptees searching

Here is a list of adoptees searching for family members. (m. =Male fe. =Female)

this shows, m. or fe. birthday of the person, and city,state they were born.

Many more are listed at

For all states:

Please visit our site, post and let members assist you. We have people with 20 years experience doing this.

M. 06/12/1936 Albany , ny

M. 09/29/1936 Troy, Ny / Ad. Vt.

M. 03/13/1937 NYC

fe. 08/12/1937 Brooklyn, NY / adopted NJ.

fe. 09/30/1937 Troy, NY

     06/28/1970 Syracuse, Ny

fe. 08/08/1970 Port Jefferson, Ny

 M. 11/17/1974 Port Jefferson, NY (
fe. 08/15/1977 Oswego, Ny

fe. 09/05/1949 Queens, NY

Fe. 10/01/1956 Binghamton, Ny

M. 12/08/1965 Yonkers, NY

fe.07/16/1981 Ogden, Ut.

fe.12/08/1983 Brooklyn, NY

fe. 09/15/1986 Brooklyn, NY

M. 03/27/1988 Chandler, Az - sibling searching for brother. from az search_support group.
Born in Fl. / Adopted in nyc area.  Fe. 01/10/1959  Attorney Lillian g. Unger /
Anyone affected by Seymour Fenichel Attorney, please go to
Facebook and type in Seymour Fenichel,

The following adoptees are searching :

fe. 01/20/1982 East Meadow, Ny B/n Nawrocka, Susan

fe.12/31/1974 New Hartford, Ny ask for Beni,

M. 02/11/ ask for Craig

fe.03/18/1973 Miami, Fl. - Micki

M. 04/04/1986 San Diego, Ca.

Fe. 09/15/1986 NY

fe. 12/08/1983 Brooklyn, NY

                   Birthparents: If you relinquished your child to Fenichel Attorney: 

b/mom iso: fe 02/15/1975 Fl. / adopted in Ny.

b/mom iso M. 09/19/1983 Atlanta, Ga. - not sure where adopted could be ny.
                     Birthparents who used : Attorney Michelman

b/mom iso: fe. 0713/1984  Nyack, NY/birthname :Pfingst/ G's registry

b/mom iso: fe. 12/07/1987 Utah / G's Registry

BIRTH Parents Searching:

birthmom iso:

m. 01/29/1965 Albany, ny -
 M. 08/13/1963 Bronx, Ny

    08/22/1969 Queens, Ny- you were

fe. 09/11/1976 Ontario county, Ny

fe. 11/10/1978 SLC, Ut. 

 M. 07/04/1979 Buffalo, NY
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Everyone is invited: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Adoptees; BirthParents;Siblings;  Grand Parents;

When you have time watch this: It shows what it means to adoptees to have their information.